Bicycle gloves

How to choose fitness gloves

In the gym, many people will wear fitness gloves for training, see this scene, it is inevitable to have questions, fitness must wear strength training gloves? Is it really protective? Now let’s talk about the benefits of fitness gloves and how to choose them. I believe many fitness beginners will ask, “should I buy fitness training gloves? […]

What is ISO certification?

Our gloves involve a variety of certificates, and many customers also have requirements for materials, so what certifications are there for cycling gloves. Boodun has been in the cycling gloves industry for more than 10 years, and various certificates will be involved. Today, let’s talk about making fitness gloves. What certificates will customers ask? ISO certification […]

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Whether you are working out in the gym or doing outdoor activities

Whether you are working out in the gym or doing outdoor activities  such as cycling, these gloves are perfect for you. This fitness gloves is designed with high quality lightweight microfiber, they have maximum durability, so you can expect them to work well for a long time. The gloves have double Velcro straps, which can be adjusted […]

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