Whether you are working out in the gym or doing outdoor activities

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Whether you are working out in the gym or doing outdoor activities

 such as cycling, these gloves are perfect for you. This fitness gloves is designed with high quality lightweight microfiber, they have maximum durability, so you can expect them to work well for a long time. The gloves have double Velcro straps, which can be adjusted to provide wrist stability. At the same time, the silicone palm can provide excellent grip, while the 21 inch wristband can provide excellent support and safety, so that you can lift weights comfortably, effectively and safely. Its palm design, using anti-skid silicone pad, can prevent the fitness equipment from slipping. So this glove is especially suitable for weight lifting.

Fitness gloves for women

These are popular among women because of their comfort. This lightweight material is made of 100% leather and spandex, which is very suitable for beginners who are not used to wearing it. Professionals like this material to be breathable and minimize sweat. The gloves also have excellent wrist pads to hold the wrist firmly in place, while the palm side also has excellent cushioning, so that you can safely hold the palm, so that you can exercise correctly and get more practice times.

These gloves are available in 3 sizes and 6 colors to meet all your needs. Our customers also feedback that these provide solid wrist support and stability for all their weightlifting needs.

If you are looking for comprehensive palm protection to prevent calluses or hand tears, this is your best choice. The built-in wristband can keep your hand stable and comfortable when lifting, and the Velcro Velcro strap on the wristband can provide you with a perfect fit. Silicone printed neoprene grip ensures you hold the dumbbell firmly. What’s really neat is the open back design, which allows your hands to breathe, so your hands won’t sweat and your gloves won’t stink.

Fitness gloves for men

The reviewers think that these are the perfect solutions to fatigue and wear of hands. They point out that they can protect your hands but are not bulky, which may interfere with your daily activities.

Best grip Fitness Gloves

If your main concern is grip, these gloves are for you. Intense weight lifting requires a good pair of gloves, and this pad (with pressure pad, can increase friction by holding the counterweight to provide first-class grip) will bring you a sense of security. Good grip makes you feel at ease, and you won’t be injured by the heavy objects. These gloves are another great pair to wear and are easy to pull up and down. And with its strong structure and buffer function, can carry out pull-up, dumbbell, bench push and other exercises.

Men’s gravity Fitness Gloves

If you’re doing intense exercise, you need to wear gloves, and these burtono weight lifting gloves are super durable. They are designed to make your weight lifting as safe as possible, with breathable mesh on the back of your hands to prevent sweating, and provide significant flexibility between your fingers. The leather palm function of the half finger glove can protect the hand from the damage of calluses, avoid the general discomfort caused by the friction on the rod, and still maintain the strong hand feeling of the device. Other functions include the open foam pad on the palm and fingers and the fully adjustable wrist strap.

What to look for in weight lifting gloves

Fit: the size of your hand will determine the glove you choose. Some are adjustable and fit for most hands, while others are of a specific size and may provide better comfort if your hand is on a larger or smaller side. Make sure all parts of the glove, including the wristband, fit properly. You want to be able to adjust the wristband to provide the level of support you need.

Comfort: in addition to the right clothes, comfort depends to a large extent on your preferences. Some pairs have fingers, while others cover only the palm. Gloves made of this material will feel very different when you draw iron. Look for materials made of materials that provide adequate protection but are breathable and flexible.

Support: weight lifting may put pressure on your wrist, and lifting gloves can help relieve the pressure. How much support you need will depend on the weight you normally lift. Some gloves protect your hands from calluses better than wrist support, while others provide both support and protection.

Many people think that fitness does not need to wear gloves, wearing gloves instead of restricting activities. Actually not, as long as you buy your own gloves, wearing gloves can not only protect your hands, but also increase strength. Because wearing gloves, holding sports equipment, will not slip, gloves also increase the anti-skid effect, in addition, if you do not wear gloves, hard equipment will let your cocoon, or even injury, so, wear fitness gloves, so that more protection

Why wear fitness gloves?

  1. Good skid resistance and grip strength

Antiskid is the most important function, because if you are in heavy training, fitness equipment accidentally slip hands, it is very dangerous. Especially those who are easy to sweat, they need it more.

Because the fitness gloves in the palm of the position, there is anti-skid design, generally have foam or gel pad. When you lift the bar or hold the dumbbell, the grip strength is better, not affected by sweat and sliding, the effect of exercise will be improved at the same time, making the exercise process safer.

  1. Feel more comfortable.

Usually do strength training, will use a lot of hand strength, such as: push, hard lift … Some people may not be used to it, but if you feel uncomfortable, it is suggested that you can wear fitness gloves. Otherwise, you will feel uncomfortable during exercise, which will easily kill your motivation.

After all, the heavy training equipment is almost hard and cold. It is recommended to wear heavy training gloves to protect our hands and avoid scratches and injuries.

  1. Wrist protection Fitness beginners often make mistakes in strength training of hand movements. Fitness gloves have the function of wrist protection, which can increase the wrist support, stabilize the wrist and reduce the probability of injury. It is suggested that people who are just in contact with fitness can start with it.
  2. Delay the production of thick cocoon and prevent skin breaking and infection

There are a lot of “grip” movements in strength training. In the long run, it is easy to make the palm skin frayed, blistered and even cocooned! Since you want to train hard to make your body look good, you should not be careless with your hands. The palm position of fitness gloves, in addition to anti-skid effect, also has thickening design, wearing gloves can let you delay thick cocoon, blisters.


How to choose fitness gloves?

Since the fitness gloves are so important, in order to reduce hand friction and strengthen better grip, we must also pay attention to the selection of suitable gloves. We must consider these three selection principles: size, style and material.

  1. Size

The common strength training gloves don’t cover the fingers, so you don’t have to worry about the length. However, you should choose a suitable palm width to avoid loosening the gloves during exercise, but there is no anti-skid effect.

  1. Style: Wristband

There are many styles of fitness gloves, such as full finger, half finger, wrist guard, protective pad And so on, depending on your sports needs, choose your own gloves, if you like boxing, then boxing gloves are essential. It’s better to have four more layers to protect your wrist and thumb joints. If you don’t need to do this, it’s better to use the four more layers to protect your wrist.

  1. Material: antiskid, breathable

There are many kinds of fitness glove materials, so the selection of material must grasp these two points: anti-skid, perspiration, and leather gloves are more wear-resistant, longer vitality, but it is not easy to clean, pay attention to keep dry and ventilated. Never put it in the strong sun, or bleach it or dry it by machine. If it is not cleaned properly, it is easy to smell of sweat for a long time. In addition, another kind of material is chloroprene rubber. Although it is not ventilated, it is easy to clean, so you can choose according to your preference.


As for the thickness of gloves, it depends on your strength training intensity. People with strong training level can choose thicker gloves; those with low weight can choose thinner inner layer. Of course, these gloves must be breathable, flexible and elastic, so as not to make you feel hot and uncomfortable during heavy training.


At this time can fully understand the benefits of wearing gloves, wearing fitness gloves can play a good role in anti-skid. In addition, wearing gloves is more important to prevent accidental injuries, because we may not be able to do many sports, and wearing gloves is a good preventive measure.


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